France, Spain and Portugal to connect with green energy pipeline


Europe – Portugal, Spain, and France will work together to build a green energy corridor that will connect the Iberian Peninsula to Europe.

For the transportation of gas and hydrogen between Barcelona and Marseille, the nations will construct a sea-based pipeline.

The BarMar route, which is primarily intended for the transportation of green hydrogen and other renewable gases, will also temporarily permit the transfer of a “limited amount” of natural gas in an effort to help Europe’s energy problem.

Schedule and construction

The BarMar ends a disagreement between Spain, Portugal, and France over the extension of the MidCat pipeline, which would have allowed them to sell gas to central Europe. The speeding up of an electrical interconnection through the Bay of Biscay was also agreed upon by Spain and France.

The three leaders agreed to get together in December in Alicante, Spain, to decide on a schedule for construction and how it will be financed.

Wim Raaijen
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