First low-carbon ammonia shipment goes from UAE to Germany


Germany – The first shipment of low-carbon ammonia from Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) has departed the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for Hamburg, Germany.

This shipment of low-carbon ammonia to Germany is the very first of its kind.
Aurubis, headquartered in Hamburg and a major supplier of non-ferrous metals as well as a copper recycler on a global scale, will receive the demonstration shipment. Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA), one of the biggest logistics businesses in Europe, will be in charge of the shipment once it reaches Germany.

Low-carbon energy

This demonstration cargo is the first of multiple test cargoes shipped to consumers in Germany, and it was produced by Fertiglobe, a cooperation between ADNOC and OCI at its Fertil facility in Abu Dhabi’s Ruwais industrial complex. In order to investigate the viability of low-carbon ammonia as an alternative, lower-carbon energy source for industrial utilization, Aurubis aims to use it as a feedstock in its wire rod factory. For the energy-intensive procedures involved in producing several metals, the hydrogen it contains may serve as a low-carbon energy alternative.

For many uses in transportation, power generation, and industry (such as the making of steel, cement, and fertilizer), low-carbon ammonia is the most promising at-scale hydrogen carrier and possible clean fuel.