First hydrogen-certified pipeline project in Italy

First hydrogen-certified pipeline project in Italy


Italy Corinth Pipeworks is completing orders with Snam for 440km of pipes.

The order is one of the first in Europe for high-pressure newly built pipes certified to transport up to 100 percent hydrogen for a transmission gas pipeline.

Safe transportation of hydrogen

Corinth Pipeworks and Snam collaborate to deliver a technically and economically feasible solution for the safe transportation of hydrogen at high pressures using large diameter/high strength steel pipelines in accordance with ASME B31.12 Option B. As a result, pipes manufactured today and put in the existing gas network can cover the energy mix of tomorrow. The pipes, which are made of L415ME steel and have an outer diameter of 26” (660mm) and thicknesses of 11,1mm and 15,9mm, have been tested in a laboratory under maximum pressure and 100 percent hydrogen, as specified by this specification.

Corinth Pipeworks’ plant in Thisvi, Greece, produced the entire number of hydrogen-certified pipes. External 3LPE anti-corrosion coating and interior liquid epoxy lining are also included in the scope of delivery and are applied at the same place as pipe manufacture.

Hydrogen certified

Corinth Pipeworks and Snam have completed the essential action plan in the context of this jointly organized project, allowing these gas line pipes to be certified for up to 100 percent hydrogen. The action plan included hydrogen design code analysis, the development of relevant qualification specifications and test procedures, the design of steel according to recommended practices, and specialized long-term test campaigns for the qualification of weld and parent metal crack resistance at design pressure and 100 percent hydrogen. The action plan was carried out in collaboration with RINA, a well-known external certifying authority with extensive experience in hydrogen testing and fracture mechanics.

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