Finland’s hydrogen cluster opens up doors to European networks


Finland A national company-led hydrogen cluster was established in Finland to accelerate hydrogen economy and exports of hydrogen-related solutions.

The cluster has attracted 36 companies already, including Spinverse, which will provide services for building project consortia, raising funding and coordinating projects. The cluster aims to open up doors to European networks as there are plans to invest tens of billions of euros to hydrogen economy.

Versatile group of companies

To bring forth system-level changes, companies from different businesses in industries are needed. The cluster now includes a versatile group of companies from energy industry, chemical industry, forest industry and technology industry. There are global companies, SMEs and start-ups. The national hydrogen cluster brings together all the actors and helps in networking in and outside Finland and Europe.

Hydrogen projects

For starters, the hydrogen cluster has been identifying planned or recently launched hydrogen projects. The projects are largely related to the different sectors of the value chain such as in the hydrogen production, adding the industrial usage of hydrogen, hydrogen logistics and management processes, applications in maritime shipping and in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of equipment and technology needed to manage hydrogen.

Large investment

In Europe, there are plans to invest tens of billions of euros in hydrogen economy. The member countries are expected to direct a part of the recovery package of total of €670B as investments in projects accelerating the hydrogen economy and integration of the energy sector.

The hydrogen cluster encourages the participating companies to join European and international projects accelerating the hydrogen economy. There are ongoing discussions for collaboration with similar clusters, for example, in Sweden, the Baltic countries, Poland and Germany.

The national hydrogen cluster is also working on getting a full picture of the strengths of Finland and companies operating here from the point of view of developing the hydrogen economy.