EZK and RVO give VoltH2 SDE++ for green hydrogen production


The Netherlands – The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (EZK) have given VoltH2 the Stimulation of Sustainable Energy Production and Climate Transition (SDE++) award in order to promote the production of green hydrogen.

SDE++ is the primary subsidy strategy employed by the Netherlands government to promote the production of renewable energy and CO2 reduction. SDE++ was responsible for covering green hydrogen production in 2020. VoltH2 is getting a subsidy for the first time for machines that offer industrial-scale manufacturing.

As previously indicated, the amount of the subsidy provided depends on how much green hydrogen is created and how much CO2 emissions are reduced as a result. The grant significantly increases turnover and is dispersed over the course of the first 15 years that the green hydrogen plant is in operation.

Step closer to finalization

The money will support the company’s activities in Terneuzen and Vilssingen, according to VoltH2. The two green hydrogen factories have been functioning under environmental permits since the second quarter of 2022.

SDE++ functionality has brought the projects one step closer to completion. Following the final investment decision (FID), construction of the plants is planned to start at the latest in early 2024.

The two projects, according to VoltH2, include a green hydrogen plant with a capacity of about 25 MW that will electrolyze water to produce 2,000 tonnes of green hydrogen annually. The second phase will enable both facilities’ capacities to be raised to 100 MW, enabling the production of 8,500 tonnes of green hydrogen annually.

It is anticipated that starting in 2025, emissions of 9 kg CO2 per kg hydrogen will be reduced in contrast to the current fossil-based way of creating hydrogen. hydrogen in the gray.