Exploring wind-hydrogen opportunities


European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) will explore opportunities for floating offshore wind and hydrogen supply chains in Scotland and France.

EMEC will partner with French INNOSEA and London-based Renewables Consulting Group (RCG) to carry out research to understand the technical status of floating wind and hydrogen in Scotland and France.

Energy decarbonization

Floating wind and hydrogen technologies are central to energy decarbonization strategies in both countries and internationally.

Collaborative research and development activity can identify new engineering solutions to increase the competitiveness of these technologies.

The project consortium will evaluate the technical status of the floating wind and hydrogen production components and systems under development.

The consortium is also tasked with engaging directly with floating wind and hydrogen supply chain companies to seek feedback on existing collaboration successes as well as identify opportunities to facilitate further joined up thinking and cross-border activity.

The findings of this project will be published in a final report in summer 2021.


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