Essent to produce green hydrogen from solar in The Netherlands


The Netherlands – Essent will begin construction on a solar-powered hydrogen factory in 2022. It’s about a 5MW electrolysis plant that converts sustainably generated electricity into hydrogen and residual heat.

The new hydrogen plant is being developed in partnership with Solinoor, a solar park specialist.

The hydrogen factory is powered by solar energy in theory. Essent is looking into the possibility of using wind energy in the event of a lack of sunlight to ensure the operation’s continuity. Another important consideration is the electricity grid’s limited transmission capacity, which means that there is a chance that generated energy will be lost. To avoid this, the factory will be equipped with a battery to store any excess solar power that cannot be converted into hydrogen or returned to the grid right away.

It is the first project in the Netherlands to use a ground-based and floating solar park, batteries, and an electrolyzer to produce sustainable hydrogen while also alleviating grid congestion and maintaining a balanced energy network.

Local solutions

Essent and Solinoor will also work together on potential hydrogen supply solutions for local customers. This can be accomplished via road transport or a direct pipeline, for example.

Green hydrogen is a great alternative to natural gas because it produces only environmentally friendly electricity and heat. However, there is a price to be paid. As a result, for some businesses, the transition to 100 percent green energy is a significant step. As a result, Essent and Solinoor offer solutions to help businesses transition to more sustainable operations.