Enel and Sapio to supply green hydrogen made from Sicilian wind farm


Italy – The agreement signed by Enel Green Power and Sapio focuses on activating a supply of green hydrogen produced using renewable energy from the Carlentini wind farm in eastern Sicily.

The agreement calls for the sale to Sapio of green hydrogen that will be produced, stored, and made available beginning in 2023 at Enel Green Power’s futuristic NextHy initiative’s Carlentini and Sortino production sites. Sapio will be in charge of market development as well as the distribution of renewable hydrogen to end users.

The annual supply envisaged in the agreement is based on the estimated 200+ tons of production capacity of the Sicilian hub. When fully operational, the green hydrogen will be generated primarily by a 4 MW electrolyzer powered entirely by renewable energy from the existing wind farm, and to a lesser extent by the electrolysis systems tested in the platform.

NextHy green hydrogen

NextHy’s Hydrogen Industrial Lab, which will be launched by Enel Green Power in September 2021, is a one-of-a-kind example of an industrial laboratory in which production activity is constantly accompanied by technological research. Aside from full-scale production, there are also areas dedicated to testing new electrolyzers, components such as valves and compressors, and innovative liquid and solid storage systems based on liquid and solid means of storage.

NextHy green hydrogen will now be purchased and used by companies that have recognized that green hydrogen is the solution to decarbonizing their production processes, in addition to being produced, stored, and moved on an industrial scale. In this context, this experimental approach, which is open to external contributions, will enable the Enel Green Power laboratory team to test the project on an industrial scale, thereby creating the best conditions for a commercial environment that can make the most of all current and future technologies for the generation, storage, and transportation of green hydrogen.

Wim Raaijen
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