Electriq and Zenith Terminals to build Powder Plant in Port of Amsterdam


The Netherlands – Electriq and Zenith Energy Terminals have joined forces to establish the world’s first manufacturing plant for Electriq Powder, a solid hydrogen transporter, at the Port of Amsterdam.

Electriq Powder behaves like regular detergent powder, making it easier to store, carry, and use hydrogen in last-mile, off-grid, and backup applications. Compared to compressed and liquified hydrogen, Electriq Powder has higher safety and energy density. The hydrogen from the powder is released and converted into power using a proprietary, small release unit.

Hydrogen from renewables

The partners have agreed to build Electriq’s first powder plant at Zenith Energy’s terminal in Amsterdam, according to a Memorandum of Understanding. The deal calls for the generation of green hydrogen from renewable energy generated on-site by Zenith’s wind turbines.

“This plant is the first of its kind in the world and will serve our customers in the Benelux market”, says Baruch Halpert, Executive Chairman and CEO of Electriq. “The Netherlands is an early adopter of hydrogen as the fuel of the 21stcentury, and we see this Electriq Powder plant as a key enabler to leverage this in innovative, safe and industrial manner”.

Growing capacity

Electriq is currently growing its powder manufacturing capacity in order to drive its projected expansion into global markets through similar agreements in other geographical regions.

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