EDF Renewables UK and Hynamics invest in new green hydrogen project

EDF Renewables UK and Hynamics invest in green hydrogen


United Kingdom – EDF Renewables UK and Hynamics, an EDF Group subsidiary, plan to invest in green hydrogen development in Teesside.

EDF is the latest company to commit to Tees Valley, with plans to build a green hydrogen production facility near the former Redcar steelworks. Tees Green Hydrogen will be a ground-breaking project that will power its hydrogen electrolyser with green electricity from the nearby Teesside offshore wind farm and a new solar farm that EDF Renewables UK plans to build near Redcar. The project will provide hydrogen to local businesses to aid in decarbonization efforts and a significant reduction in industrial pollution.

Decarbonizing operations

British Steel Lackenby and PD Ports announced the initiative at Teesworks. British Steel released its Low-Carbon Roadmap in October of last year, outlining its plans to develop the use of hydrogen in its operations, among other things. Arrangements have already been made to supply hydrogen to PD Ports in order to decarbonize port operations, and the company will continue to look into maritime decarbonization more broadly.

The electrolyser will be 30-50MW in size at first, but it is designed to scale up to over 500MW in response to rising demand. Tees Green Hydrogen’s detailed plans will be released later this year, and a public consultation on the 49.9 MW Tees solar project will take place later this month. EDF already has a significant presence on Teesside, with an offshore wind farm in Redcar that has been operational since 2014 and a nuclear power station in Hartlepool that has been supplying low-carbon electricity for nearly 40 years.