EDF aims to produce 100% low-carbon hydrogen


France – The EDF Group’s Hydrogen Plan aims to develop 3 GW of electrolytic hydrogen projects worldwide by 2030.

These projects, which will require an investment of between €2 and €3 billion, will be developed and co-financed through industrial partnerships and the use of national and European support mechanisms. The EDF Group aspires to be one of Europe’s leaders in 100% low-carbon hydrogen production.

Decarbonizing transport sectors

Aside from direct electrification, the development of decarbonized hydrogen will be critical to achieving carbon neutrality. Low-carbon hydrogen produced by water electrolysis plays a significant role in decarbonizing heavy mobility. Hydrogen derivatives (e-fuels) will aid in the decarbonization of air and sea transport. Hydrogen is also used as a bridge fuel in the radical decarbonization of industrial processes such as those found in the chemical, oil refining, and steel industries.

Low-carbon hydrogen

The EDF Group aims to become a European leader in the production of 100 percent low-carbon hydrogen through the development of its low-carbon electricity production facilities, both nuclear and renewable, and the know-how developed by its subsidiary Hynamics, which was founded in 2019 and specializes in the production of electrolytic hydrogen.