E.ON and TES to import green hydrogen via Wilhelmshaven


Germany – E.ON and Tree Energy Solutions (TES) have formed a strategic partnership to import green hydrogen at scale into Germany in order to accelerate the development of the future hydrogen economy.

Within the framework of the partnership, the companies will look into potential joint ventures across the entire hydrogen value chain in order to develop a reliable, long-term source of green hydrogen.

Green gases such as hydrogen, in addition to green electrification, are an essential component of a successful energy transition. They will be required to replace fossil fuels in the future energy landscape and to meet the Paris climate goals. E.ON is prepared to actively and competently support the development of a hydrogen economy in Germany and Europe. The company will significantly increase its commitment and plans to invest in electrolyzers, grid infrastructure, and renewable energies in order to produce green hydrogen close to customers, as well as invest throughout the hydrogen value chain. A new E.ON Hydrogen unit was established at the end of 2021 to emphasize the topic’s importance.

Wilhelmshaven hydrogen

In the German port of Wilhelmshaven, TES is developing a green energy hub. A receiving terminal, storage facilities, and a clean, zero-emissions oxy-fuel combustion power plant will be part of the energy hub. TES is also developing green hydrogen production in solar belt countries and investing in the supply chain and related infrastructure. TES plans to invest in infrastructure to transport CO2 and will efficiently transport green hydrogen produced from solar electricity in the form of fossil-free green gas (CH4) to Europe.