Dutch Gasunie explores green hydrogen partnership with Oman


The Netherlands/Oman – Gasunie, based in the Netherlands, recently concluded a visit to the Sultanate of Oman. The delegation’s objective was to explore potential cooperation opportunities in the field of green hydrogen.

Gasunie’s visit to Oman aligns with its strategic goal of transitioning from a traditional gas transporter to a clean-energy infrastructure company. The delegation aimed to learn more about Oman’s plans for green hydrogen production and discuss potential collaborations to support the development of infrastructure and green energy production in the country.

Hydrogen infrastructure

Gasunie’s expertise lies in operating extensive gas pipeline networks, and now it seeks to leverage its experience to facilitate the development of hydrogen infrastructure. As part of its energy transition, Gasunie is actively involved in developing key elements of hydrogen infrastructure in the Netherlands and aims to replicate its success in Oman.

By leveraging Gasunie’s expertise and the strategic geographical location of Oman, the partnership aims to create a gateway for exporting green hydrogen to Europe, thereby contributing to global efforts towards decarbonization.