DNV approves GTT’s liquid hydrogen systems


France – The leading classification society DNV has given GTT two Approvals in Principle (AIP) for its liquid hydrogen systems.

The two AIP were awarded for the development of a membrane-based liquefied hydrogen (LH2) containment system and the initial concept design of an LH2 carrier. The agreement with Shell, which was announced in February 2022, includes these approvals, which clears the way for the project’s subsequent phases.

Technological advancements

One of the technological obstacles to creating a dependable, efficient, and competitive hydrogen supply chain is the ability to transport very large volumes of hydrogen in liquefied form at -253°C as part of the energy transition to a carbon-free future. The preliminary design of an LH2 carrier and the technological advancements made by GTT in LH2 containment are approved in principle by DNV.

As the International Maritime Organization develops regulations for the transport and cargo of hydrogen, the GTT Group has designed an LH2 containment system that complies with current regulatory requirements and accounts for emerging trends.

Wim Raaijen
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