Diaphragm compressor for Swiss green hydrogen plant

Diaphragm compressor for Swiss green hydrogen plant


Switzerland Burckhardt Compression in Shenyang, China, is producing the Diaphragm Compressor, which will be exported to Switzerland as a container-installed compression unit.

The compressor system is intended for hydrogen mobility applications and is capable of discharging hydrogen at high pressure and purity, making it appropriate for fuel cells.

Green hydrogen development

The Swiss business H2 Energy’s new 2MW green hydrogen generation plant represents an important step forward in the development of green hydrogen infrastructure in Switzerland. The hydrogen produced in a PEM electrolyzer will be fed into Hydrospider swap trailers, 450 bar hydrogen tanks that will serve hydrogen filling stations throughout Switzerland, using the Diaphragm Compressor technology supplied by Burckhardt Compression. Heavy-duty vehicles, such as the first 46 Hyundai trucks now in operation in Switzerland, are the primary end-users of the hydrogen produced.

H2 Energy is a rapidly developing Swiss firm that is collaborating with a number of partner companies to achieve its objective of lowering CO2 emissions through the use of hydrogen as an alternative fuel. H2 Energy is working on initiatives in Switzerland and across Europe to develop the generation and delivery of green hydrogen.