Clean Hydrogen Coastline project launched in Germany


Germany ArcelorMittal Bremen, EWE, FAUN, Gasunie, swb and TenneT have joined forces to launch ‘Clean Hydrogen Coastline’ project in Germany.

By 2026, the partners want to integrate up to 400 megawatts of electrolysis capacity with corresponding storage of hydrogen into the energy system.

According to the partners, the basis of a sustainable hydrogen economy is a secure sales market for green hydrogen. The transport sector has a decisive share in the sales market for hydrogen and thus in the rapid market ramp-up of the technology.

In order to be able to integrate hydrogen as an energy carrier in the energy system, it is necessary to use the existing electricity and gas infrastructure intelligently. In combination with the gas infrastructure, the integration of hydrogen as an energy carrier could be successful.

The project partners agreed that the appropriate regulatory framework must be in place for the project to be implemented. In addition, they also consider funding to be necessary in the early phase of the market ramp-up for hydrogen technologies. The partners took part in the BMWi’s expression of interest in an IPCEI (Important Project of Common European Interest) in February. Through existing cooperation between German and Dutch partners, the project can become an important component of a European hydrogen economy in the sense of the IPCEI.