Carlton Power to build 10MW hydrogen hub in UK


United Kingdom – Carlton Power has picked the Langage Energy Park as the location for its third hydrogen hub in the United Kingdom.

The first of its type in Devon and Cornwall, the 10MW hydrogen hub project will give nearby businesses simple access to hydrogen fuel. Over the next 20 to 30 years, hydrogen is anticipated to significantly contribute to the UK’s attempts to achieve Net Zero CO2 emissions and to decarbonize the West Country.

The Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership, Regen, the south-west low-carbon energy organization, and South Hams District Council have all given their support to the project’s initial phase.

Hydrogen expansion

The initiative will create sustainable hydrogen fuel at scale over the next two to three years, subject to the Langage Green Hydrogen hub gaining backing from the Government’s Hydrogen Investment Package, a multi-million dollar program to promote the expansion of the hydrogen economy in the UK.

Additionally, by using it to make and store hydrogen when renewable energy output is high but electricity demand is low, the hydrogen hub will assist the expansion of the region’s use of renewable electricity generation (as well as newer types like marine energy).

In response to the UK Government’s plans for a green revolution, which include hydrogen and fuel cell technology as one of its key ambitions, Carlton’s plans at Langage—as well as its proposed hydrogen hub projects in Cumbria and Greater Manchester—are located in Cumbria and Greater Manchester, respectively.

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