CARBONLOOP and Haffner Energy enter biomass to hydrogen deal

Biobased Hydrogen

France – Haffner Energy, a firm specialising in green hydrogen production from biomass, has signed two important contracts with CARBONLOOP for the supply of Hyliko’s stations.

The company recently formalised its cooperation with CARBONLOOP, a start-up that offers a CO2 sequestration technology, to build two new Hynoca stations.

Each location will enable CARBONLOOP to sequester about 2,400 t CO2e, as verified by carbon credits, and produce 225 tonnes of hydrogen and 1,100 tonnes of biochar annually from 7,000 tonnes of biomass leftovers.

Distribution network

The hydrogen will be sold by CARBONLOOP to HYLIKO (Kouros Group), who will then distribute it through its network of truck service stations. In order to aid in soil restoration in a setting of increasing water stress and inflation of nitrogen fertilisers, CARBONLOOP will offer the created biochar to the agriculture industry due to its water retention and fertiliser capabilities.

The first CARBONLOOP location will be in Villabé (Essonne), close to the HYLIKO distribution centre, and conveniently placed alongside the A6 highway, south of Paris. The first trucks in the Paris region will be powered by hydrogen created from biomass leftovers. In 2023, CARBONLOOP will present the second site.

Biomass to hydrogen

HYNOCA technology converts biomass waste into hydrogen in three steps: first, the heated biomass is broken down into a solid residue (biochar), followed by a gas that is refined in a high-temperature cracking unit, and finally, the hydrogen is purified in a third unit. The HYNOCA method generates renewable hydrogen and eliminates CO2 from the atmosphere in a sustainable manner since it produces biochar, which is recognised by the IPCC as a sustainable carbon sink.