CAES, Evia Aero to bring hydrogen-powered air services to Europe


United Kingdom – Cranfield Aerospace Solutions and Evia Aero have formed a strategic partnership to bring hydrogen fuel cell-powered air services to Northern Europe.

Their partnership, which will focus on aircraft operations as well as hydrogen infrastructure for a North European zero-emissions sub-regional air service, is a critical step toward enabling some of the world’s first zero-emissions airline operations.

Sustainable transportation

CAeS is working on a conversion to a Britten Norman Islander 9-seat aircraft that will use a fuel cell and electric motor to convert the aircraft’s propulsion system from conventional fossil fuel to gaseous hydrogen. The solution will be emission-free, and the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) that results will be certified for passenger flight by 2025. CAeS is headquartered at Cranfield Airport, where it has access to some of the most advanced aviation test and research facilities in the UK.

EVIA AERO was founded with the goal of providing environmentally friendly, sustainable regional point-to-point air transportation in a European route network using environmentally friendly aircraft. Corporate travelers and demand-driven connectivity to economic regions are at the center of the business model. EVIA AERO aims to support regional economic development by allowing passengers to travel in a cost-effective, time-saving, and environmentally friendly manner.