Bosch and Linde work with Ceres on green hydrogen demonstration


Germany – Ceres Power Holdings has begun a collaboration with Linde Engineering and Robert Bosch GmbH to evaluate the performance, cost, and operational functionality of their SOEC technology.

The businesses intend to build a two-year demonstration of a one-megawatt SOEC system, which will take place at a Bosch location in Stuttgart, Germany, beginning in 2024. Its goal is to demonstrate that the technology provides a highly efficient road to low-cost green hydrogen, which can play an important role in difficult-to-decarbonize industrial sectors.

Advancing SOEC

Ceres has pledged £100 million toward the advancement of its SOEC technology. The first 100kW electrolyser module is now being tested, and preliminary results show that this technology can deliver green hydrogen at 40kWh/kg, almost 25% more effectively than conventional lower temperature systems.

The SOEC initiative draws on Bosch’s experience with Ceres’ solid oxide fuel technology (SOFC), and the two technologies share material sets, production processes, equipment, and stack design. The demonstration is a significant validation of SOEC at the system level, which serves as a foundation for possible commercialization.