Battolyser Systems secures €40M financing for green hydrogen


The Netherlands – Battolyser Systems has obtained a financing transaction worth €40 million backed by the InvestEU Fund. In collaboration with the European Investment Bank (EIB), Battolyser Systems is prepared to make the next big advancement in the production of green hydrogen.

The investment will enable the company to scale its production facility in Rotterdam, with the goal of achieving mass production of its innovative combined electricity storage and electrolyser stack system. This pioneering technology, currently operational at a large-scale industrial gas power plant in the Netherlands, is set for commercial deployment in 2024.

Battolyser technology offers large industrial players, as well as small and medium businesses, a means to deploy green hydrogen for decarbonizing their operations effectively.

A significant factor is the technology’s ability to safely and instantly switch on and off. This means that customers can produce affordable green hydrogen when power prices are favorable or when renewable power is abundantly available. The Battolyser’s flexibility doesn’t compromise efficiency and sustainability. It utilizes easily recyclable materials, avoiding hazardous compounds like PFAS, thus meeting Europe’s net-zero targets while maintaining an eco-friendly approach.

Sustainable future

Battolyser Systems’ journey signifies not just an investment in green hydrogen but a commitment to advancing Europe’s capabilities in net-zero technologies. This project aligns perfectly with the objectives of the European Green Deal and InvestEU, which aims to mobilize additional investments for EU policy priorities over the next several years. Battolyser’s technology promises to reshape the energy landscape and accelerate the transition to a greener, more sustainable future.