AI hydrogen optimization system testing at EMEC


United Kingdom – The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney, Scotland, has received funding to test real-time AI software for optimizing hydrogen production and storage.

On the Orkney island of Eday, the HyAI 2.0 project plans to test a new AI platform, HyAI, by connecting it to the hydrogen power plant. Funding from the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy’s Energy Entrepreneur Fund amounted to £494k for this project to date.

Project leader H2GO Power has developed an AI-powered hydrogen management platform called HyAI, which is based on hydrogen storage technology. With the help of machine learning and optimization algorithms, the cloud software ensures system safety and reliability while identifying the most economical times for hydrogen production.


The software will be tested in two stages over the course of the 12-month project. There is a first phase in which project partners EMEC and National Grid Gas Transmission provide commercial use cases for the AI software to run proof-of-value simulations.

Next, the platform will be tested as a fully integrated pilot at EMEC’s hydrogen production plant on Eday. Hydrogen production is controlled in real time using historical and forecasted data on weather, renewable generation sources such as wind and tidal, the hydrogen storage capacity, and electricity prices. In order to verify the HyAI software system’s efficacy, a series of tests will be carried out, starting with advisory control and progressing to semiautonomous control.