Hydrogen and Industrial Electrification in Port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam is a living lab and international hub for hydrogen production, import, use and transit. Three experts will guide you trough the near future of the innovative Port to Europe.

Rotterdam Hydrogen Hub

Speaker: Randolf Weterings

The Port Authority is working with partners on the advent of a large-scale hydrogen network through the port complex. This will make Rotterdam an international hub for the production, import, application and transit of hydrogen to other countries in Northwest Europe. As a result, Rotterdam will continue to be an important energy port for Northwest Europe in the future.

Successful trial in the port of Rotterdam with electricity platform

Speaker: Nico van Dooren

Last months a new energy platform was tested with 32 companies on the RDM site in the port of Rotterdam: Distro. Solar panels, a battery and users trade self-generated energy in a mutual market. It is the first time in the world that blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and high frequency trading are combined in one platform. The successful trial shows that it is possible to align supply and demand in local markets 48 hours in advance, based on fair price development and transparent trading agreements.

Fieldlab industrial electrification

Speaker: Jeroen van Woerden

Quartermaster of the Fieldlab Industrial Electrification Jeroen van Woerden sees that results can be achieved quickly in small steps. Not so long ago nobody talked about it, but now there are many initiatives in the field of electrification of industrial installations. Electric boilers, pumps and even electric stoves and whole crackers. It is all being mentioned and researched at the moment’.

The cabinet released 18.3 million euros to strengthen research facilities aimed at the energy transition. These funds will be granted to TNO EnergieTransitie to realize five research laboratories together with partners from industry and other knowledge institutions. One of these laboratories is Het Fieldlab Industriële Elektrificatie; a research lab that is being designed in the port of Rotterdam together with Deltalinqs, FME, the Port of Rotterdam Authority, InnovationQuarter and Voltachem.

The lab focuses on integration, demonstration and improvement of Power-to-Heat technology, Power-to-Chemicals/Fuels and CO2 reuse technology.