Shell investigates production of hydrogen with nuclear power

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Shell, together with American NuScale Power and other industrial companies, will research a small nuclear reactor that makes hydrogen. Shell is interested in the technology because it could potentially produce hydrogen cheaply without releasing CO₂. NuScale is so far the only company in the US to have received approval for its small modular reactor (SMR) design.

The goal of the project is to test how small nuclear power plants can be used in a renewable energy system. Shell is also exploring the commercial potential of producing clean hydrogen with an SMR.

According to Dirk Smit, Shell’s Chief Scientist, the collaboration with NuScale is part of Shell’s strategy to explore breakthrough technologies that make it possible to reduce CO₂ emissions on a large scale, thus supporting the energy transition.

In addition to hydrogen production, NuScale is researching how to keep the power grid stable with small nuclear power plants. If there is no sun or wind, other energy sources must be used for power production. Hydrogen could play a role in this.