Second phase of civil works for Project One awarded by INEOS


Belgium – The temporary partnership Denys-Aertssen has been given the contract by INEOS Olefins Belgium to carry out the second phase of the work for the ethane cracker Project ONE.

The subterranean pipelines, temporary installations, and paved roadways will shortly be built by Denys-Aertssen. The deal will last for two years and cost close to 100 million euros.

The order is thought to be worth over 100 million euros. Beginning in April 2023, the work will be completed. In the new phase, underground pipes for sewage, drinking water, drainage, and fire water are installed, temporary building foundations are laid, and roads, parking lots, footpaths, and bus stops are built.

Largest European investment

Project One is the largest investment in European chemistry in more than 20 years. A new ethane cracker is being built as part of Project One at the port of Antwerp. The cracker will produce ethylene, one of the most commonly used base chemicals in the world and a crucial component for many different products. Ethylene is used in insulating materials, medical applications, computer housings, smartphones, packaging to preserve food, textiles, lightweight materials for cars and wind turbines, pipes for the transportation of drinking water, lightweight materials for cars and wind turbines, and many other products.

With a carbon footprint that is less than half that of the top 10% of steam crackers in Europe, the investment will be particularly ground-breaking in terms of energy efficiency. Construction will take about 4 years overall, with 2026 being the target year for operation to begin. 450 direct employment and thousands of indirect jobs are generated by the investment. The entire amount invested is 4 billion euros.