RWE buys Dutch power plant Magnum from Vattenfall


The Netherlands – RWE and Vattenfall have agreed that RWE will take over Vattenfall’s Magnum gas-fired power station in the Dutch town of Eemshaven on September 30, 2022.

The EUR 500 million proceeds from the sale will allow Vattenfall to invest more resources in the energy transition, such as in fossil-free energy projects like offshore wind and district heating and cooling.

The Magnum gas-fired power plant is made up of three combined cycle gas turbines with a combined capacity of 1,410 megawatts. Magnum is ‘hydrogen-ready,’ meaning it can be converted to run partially or entirely on hydrogen. In the energy transition, modern, highly flexible gas-fired power plants that can be converted to hydrogen play a critical role. They are required as a backup power source when wind and solar power are insufficient.

Smooth transition

A solar park with a capacity of 5.6 MW is also included in the agreement. On the Magnum plant’s property is a solar park with approximately 18,000 solar panels.

All Magnum employees will be transferred to the new owner under the terms of the agreement with RWE, and preparations will be made for a smooth transition of employees and operational matters to the new owner in the coming months. The agreement is contingent on the workers’ council’s approval.