North Sea Port and Port of Gothenburg set up European ports network


Sweden – North Sea Port and the Port of Gothenburg have agreed to collaborate on the establishment of a network of medium-sized European ports as well as energy management in the ports.

The Dutch-Belgian North Sea Port and the Swedish Port of Gothenburg share some characteristics as ports. There is a connection with the Volvo Car factories in both ports, among other things. In addition, DFDS operates daily ro/ro ships between Gothenburg and Ghent.

When it comes to sea cargo transhipment, North Sea Port is ranked tenth in Europe. The Port of Gothenburg is Scandinavia’s largest port. The two ports will collaborate to establish a network of medium-sized European ports based on their combined experience. They want to share information and investigate future collaboration between similar ports.

Energy management

The ports also want to support the flow of goods between the two ports by bolstering their commercial interests. They also want to share information and best practices in the field of port energy management. This relates to the use of renewable energy sources, environmental management, and long-term port operations. To that end, further digitization research will be conducted. The ports will exchange employees in the future in this context.

Finally, the ports are investigating the possibility of submitting joint projects for European funding in the areas of sustainability, energy transition, digitization, and the European transport network.

North Sea Port signed the agreement during a visit to the Port of Gothenburg. The collaboration will last for five years.