Liquid Wind and partners initiate eFuel Design & Performance Centre


Denmark – Liquid Wind, in collaboration with industry leaders Alfa Laval, Carbon Clean, Siemens Energy, and Topsoe, has inaugurated the eFuel Design & Performance Centre (DPC) in Hørsholm, Denmark.

The primary objective of the eFuel DPC is to facilitate collaborative research and development efforts among the five partners to accelerate the deployment of eMethanol plants globally. By leveraging innovative technologies and modular solutions, the Centre aims to streamline the design, construction, and commissioning processes, making eMethanol production more rapid, efficient, and cost-effective.

Production of green fuels

With a focus on producing eMethanol, the Centre will harness the collective expertise of its partners to develop cutting-edge solutions for the production of green fuels. By utilizing advanced technologies and standardized production methods, the Centre seeks to drive down costs and improve the scalability of eFuel facilities, thereby accelerating the transition towards sustainable energy.

The establishment of the eFuel DPC is poised to have a significant impact on the global eMethanol market and the decarbonization efforts of hard-to-abate industries, particularly in sectors such as global shipping. With plans to develop multiple eMethanol plants by 2027, the Centre aims to contribute substantially to reducing carbon emissions and advancing the green transition in key industrial sectors.