Battolyser gets Smart Energy Systems grant from Municipality of Rotterdam


The Netherlands – The municipality of Rotterdam has given Battolyser Systems a grant to help pay for a feasibility study for a Battolyser manufacturing facility in the region.

The planned production facility where the business will create the first Battolysers for use in commerce will be the subject of the study. The study will cover an economic evaluation, a basic design of the factory layout and the assembly line, and finding a suitable location in the Rotterdam region. Later this year, a final investment choice will result from this.

Smart Energy Systems

The municipality of Rotterdam has a program called Smart Energy Systems to hasten the region’s energy transition. A brand-new, reliable, sustainable, and adaptable energy system is crucial for Rotterdam. Decentralized generation, transport, and use, digital services, and business models all require intelligent networks. If there is insufficient certainty that an innovation can be scaled up to a commercially attractive proposition in advance, making investment decisions for this type of innovation is challenging. The subsidy enables the completion of a feasibility study and, ultimately, an informed investment decision.