Zero emission heating offering in UK

Energy efficiency

United KingdomJericho Energy Ventures’ subsidiary Hydrogen Technologies (HTI) has signed an exclusive IP licensing agreement with UK-based Deuterium Heating.

The agreement will help the commercialization of HTI’s hydrogen-based cleanH2steam DCC boiler. Through this partnership HTI will also expand its geographical footprint across Europe, especially UK and Ireland, while offering a zero emissions heating and steam technology. Financial terms of the IP licensing agreement have not been disclosed.

UK’s decarbonization efforts

To achieve the UK’s ambitious 2050 Net Zero goals, the government has set an aggressive agenda to decarbonize their heat.

The country plans to generate new clean power with offshore wind farms, nuclear plants and by investing in new hydrogen technologies. Residents will use this energy to carry on living their lives, running cars, buses, trucks and trains, ships and planes, and heating their homes.

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