VoltaChem – Empowering a circular industry

The process industry is a key player when it comes to reaching the climate goals from the Paris Agreement. Yet, with a recently announced increase of decarbonization objectives fresh in mind, and a worldwide pandemic continuing, the challenge seems larger than ever before. At VoltaChem we believe a fully sustainable process industry by 2050 can still be within reach and that industrial electrification will play an important role in the transition towards a sustainable future.

In the breakout session Empowering a circular industry we will, together with an expert panel, explore key developments in industrial electrification and their impact on both the decarbonization of energy use and the use of circular feedstock in the process industry towards 2050. Finding answers to questions like: How can the process industry contribute to the decarbonization objectives in the climate agreement? What major developments do we see for the process industry towards 2050?  

Our expert panel consisting of Gert-Jan Gruter (CTO Avantium), Ellart de Wit (CTO Hygear), Gerard van Rooij (Professor Maastricht University), Julius Smith (Head of Business Development, Ørsted) and Martijn de Graaff (Program director VoltaChem) will, together with the online audience, dive into four strategic topics of industrial electrification. They will discuss technological developments and potential bottlenecks in the transformation to a fully sustainable process industry in 2050. All with recent research results from the VoltaChem program as a starting point. And hosted by Joost Hoebink.

The topics are:

  • Integration of electrification in the process industry to reduce GHG emissions.
  • Integration of CO2 capturing and electrochemical conversion to chemicals.
  • Mass production of electrolyzers and reduction of scarce raw materials use.
  • Upcoming Power-2-X technologies: Plasma pyrolysis of methane.

Do you want to get up-to-date on the major developments for the process industry towards 2050 when it comes to industrial electrification? And some of the key questions, challenges and opportunities together with an expert panel?  Then join the VoltaChem breakout session at EIES on December 9th, 15.00 – 16.30, via the livestream from Studio Rotterdam, Plant One.

Be sure to visit us at the EIES 2020 Network Square