Energy transition: An integrated approach and where to start

We live in a time of climate change, scarcity of materials and net zero ambitions. Regulations like the CSRD and the public ask for an integrated approach and we hear an increasing group of production companies expressing net zero ambitions. How to follow such integrated approach? And where to start?

Consultants and engineers from Bilfinger Tebodin operate at the center of most aspects of the energy transition. Here we encounter ambitions and constraints to translate ambitions of companies into measurable goals and plans of approach.

Our side event starts with a panel discussion about our integrated approach to the energy transition. After that, we take time to exchange opinions and knowledge amongst participants about the way forward. Providing you with lessons of yesterday and actions for tomorrow.


  • Wouter van Gerwen, Value Engineering Facilitator at Bilfinger Tebodin
  • Rene de Schutter, Business Development Manager CCUS at Bilfinger Tebodin
  • Stefan Ceulemans, Country Director Belgium at Bilfinger Tebodin
  • Michiel Geurds, Consultant Industrial Sustainability at Bilfinger Tebodin

Bilfinger Tebodin will moderate a side event during the European Industry & Energy Summit 2023 on 8 December from 13.30 to 15.00.