Who will join us on Electro Trail Europe?


Europe – In 2023 we are going on the road again. Industrielinqs and Voltachem will visit several industrial electrification projects in Europe. And they are looking for company. For that, teams with young professionals or students can participate in a scenario competition. The finals will be on November 29th, 2022 during EIES2022. And the winners will join the Electro Trail Europe!

Electrification and electrochemistry are important developments that accelerate the transition of industry. But what are the promising technologies and new chains? During the Electro Trail Europe (ELECTE) in 2023 Industrieinqs and Voltachem want to find out what is the state of the art. By visiting various projects in Europe. ELECTE is the successor to HYTE.

Investment proposal

And they also want to take a look into the future. Therefore young professionals and students are invited join a scenario competition and form teams of up to three. Teams are asked to write a white paper;  an investment proposal to be more precise.  
The teams have to choose the most promising route or technology in the field of electrification and electrochemistry for the next twelve years (before 2035). They are also asked to provide a description of a plant or chain of plants that could bring this technology to fruition somewhere in Europe. Location, timing and possible partners can be very important here. What, where, when, who and how?


Teams can sign up with an email to the editor-in-chief of Industrielinqs, Wim Raaijen (wim@industrielinqs.nl). State the names of the team members, their email addresses and the educational institution, company or organization to which they are affiliated. For more more information or the exact conditions, you can also contact him.


  • Teams of three people write a investment proposal of up to 5,000 words.
  • Maximum age of the team members is 30 at December 31st 2022. In addition to students, PhD’s and young professionals may also participate in the competition.
  • It is recommended to put these groups together heterogeneously. It can be enriching to use different fields of study or specialisms. Hybrid teams of students, researchers and professionals are also allowed.
  • The white papers are assessed by a jury. The three final teams must be known by mid-november. These finalists must pitch during EIES22,  November 29th and 30th at Brightlands Chemelot Campus. The pitching event is November 29th in the afternoon.

Important data

  • Final registration date teams: October 7th;
  • Deadline for submission of white papers is October 15th
  • Finalists are known on November 15th.
Wim Raaijen
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