Rotterdam shore-based green power for Boskalis ships


The Netherlands – In order to allow moored Boskalis vessels to run on green electricity rather than fossil fuels, the Port of Rotterdam Authority and Eneco are building shore-based power facilities in the Waalhaven, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

On the Boskalis site in Rotterdam’s Waalhaven, the shore-based power installation will be constructed. This place has two berths on the quay, both of which are frequently used. At the Boskalis Waalhaven facility, ships are serviced and ready for deployment on offshore projects.

The green shore power installation will produce 2 GWh of green electricity annually when it is finished, which is scheduled for 1 June 2023. This will result in a 1.6 kiloton annual reduction in CO2 emissions. Boskalis is exhibiting “green leadership” with this project, which is advantageous for the port, the environment, and the locals.

Shore power is a crucial component of the energy transition, and this project is consistent with both Eneco’s One Planet strategy, which aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2035, and the joint shore power strategy of the Port of Rotterdam Authority and the City of Rotterdam. At the moment, moored vessels frequently use generators to supply the necessary electricity on board, producing emissions. By giving ships a clean source of energy and turning off generators, green shore power gives the chance to reduce these emissions by up to 90% while also lowering noise levels.

Rotterdam Shore Power

The Boskalis location in the Waalhaven will be the third quayside electricity installation for seagoing vessels in the Port of Rotterdam, following the shore power electricity installation on the Rozenburg peninsula and the Hoek van Holland ferry terminal in Rotterdam.

Through the Joint Venture Rotterdam Shore Power, Eneco and the Port of Rotterdam Authority are carrying out this project. They provide green shore power “as a service” and are the owners of the shore power installation. Under its own supervision, Boskalis is implementing the grid connection. Boskalis is receiving green energy from Dutch Eneco wind and solar sources from Eneco. Through the European Regional Development Fund, the City of Rotterdam and the European Union jointly fund the project.