Havfram to lead oil and gas electrification with offshore wind


Norway – Through offshore wind developments, Havfram intends to become one of the future leaders in the electrification market for O&G production assets.

Havfram committed to playing a key role in the transition from oil and gas to offshore wind in 2020. Havfram now wants to be a major player in O&G electrification by developing offshore wind farms.

Havfram has positioned itself as an early stage developer for new markets in addition to its offshore wind installation activities. Havfram is already working on the Norwegian floating wind lease Utsira Nord with partners RWE and NTE, and has identified O&G electrification as one of the next big ‘Power-to-X’ offshore wind markets.

Electrification market

The market for electrification is significant, with over 1,500 active offshore oil and gas platforms requiring between 30MW and 80MW of power each. Various governments, including Norway and Scotland, are actively promoting the electrification of offshore platforms. With the Scottish Government developing a special leasing round (INTOG) with a focus on O&G electrification, Havfram is already in early partnership discussions. Havfram believes that O&G electrification presents significant opportunities for both industries, and he is dedicated to assisting them in achieving their objectives.