Furetank gets EU climate funding for shore power connection


Sweden – Furetank has received state and EU climate investment funding for the installation of a shore power connection on a tanker currently in production.

The financing will be given by Klimatklivet, a project of NextGenerationEU and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. The greatest possible climate benefit is provided by local climate investments that lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The shipyard in China is currently constructing the aforementioned vessel. It will be the ninth vessel in the VINGA series created by Furetank and partners when it is delivered in Q1 2024. Furetank has made significant efforts in the tankers’ development to make them the most eco-friendly vessels of their size in the world. Further enhancing the environmental performance will be the installation of the shore power connection, with Klimatklivet covering half of the expense.

The initiative is crucial since emissions from tankers can contribute up to 20% of their overall emissions in ports, which are frequently far more sensitive to noise and pollution than at sea.

The climate investment has the ability to minimize CO2 emissions by about 600 tons annually if ports provide power with a suitable capacity that comes from green and clean sources. A better working environment on board is a result of the greatly reduced noise and vibrations.

Encouraging ports to progress

The land-based link planned for the Port of Gothenburg, which has also received money from Klimatklivet, will be tailored to fit the shore power connection aboard the vessel.

Even though giving shore electricity has been discussed for a while, many ports are hesitant to invest since tankers visit many different ports, and it is difficult, if not impossible, to anticipate how frequently a ship with shore power would call on a particular port. Even while several ports have initiatives in the works, shipowners are hesitant to invest because no ports now offer the chance.