Boskalis in first Dutch manned platform electrification project


The Netherlands – Boskalis has conducted the first manned platform electrification project in the Netherlands for NAM BV Assen.

Boskalis constructed a 4.5-kilometer power cable for the Ameland Westgat electrification project between the land station on the Dutch island of Ameland and a gas platform that is just offshore.

Installation and burial

The cable-laying vessel Spirit laid the first cable section, which was 3 kilometers long and connected the platform to the beach using controlled flow excavation. In order to have the least amount of environmental damage possible, the other 1.5 kilometer cable segment on the beach was laid over the dunes toward the land station and buried with what is known as a drainage burying tool, according to Boskalis.

The installation and burial procedures were finished in four weeks.

Wim Raaijen
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