CO2 Smart Use – Positioning CO2 as the feedstock of the future

We believe that CO2 is not just a waste material, but a valuable molecule that can be used in many processes and products. In our opinion, minimizing the use of fossil feedstocks such as oil and gas is elemental to meeting climate change challenges. But the market demand for products, as of yet derived from these feedstocks, will not decrease. Therefore, we need alternative sources of carbon, the stuff that drives our economy.

As CO2 Smart Use, we want to position CO2 as the raw material Feedstock of the future, helping the transition from a CO2-emitting to a CO2-absorbing industry.

We do this by:

  • 1.            Accelerating the valorisation of CCU: helping new entrepreneurs and business models to the market
  • 2.            Get the ecosystem going: connecting business partners and models to funds, subsidies, sites and markets
  • 3.            Share knowledge: showing the world what innovations and products are available and what is coming up
  • 4.            Get the evidence: providing policy makers, fund managers and others with relevant information for their strategies

At EIES, we will share the vibrance of the growing CCU ecosystem in the Netherlands. Our program will consist of top innovators, business cases and the latest dynamics on CCU. We will also dive into 2021 CCU dreams, opportunities and challenges. More specifically, we have the following companies on board for new CCU cases:

  1. Suez Reenergy
  2. North CCU Hub
  3. Deep Branch Biotechnology
  4. Carbon Upcycling Technologies

Our fifth speaker from TKI Energy and Industry, will present Subsidy structures for CCU in 2021.

In a following discussion, all speakers present in Plant X in Rotterdam will discuss the question: CCU: is it mission driven or market driven?

Interested in this program? Join us on the 9th of December from 13:00 – 14:30!