World’s first recycled plastic-made low-impact lab products

Circular economy

United States – Polycarbin launched the only line of low-impact lab products in the world, the Closed-Loop Collection, on Thomas Scientific’s platform.

Polycarbin’s products are made from recycled lab plastic, which reduces the need for more carbon-intensive virgin resins.

Single-use plastic

After the Covid-19 pandemic caused 8 million tons of plastic waste, the life science industry has had to think about the consequences of a “single-use” economy. Unsustainable lab product supply chains have been paralyzed by the pandemic, which has led to long lead times that have slowed down innovation.

People like Thomas Scientific have helped Polycarbin make its life science supply chain more sustainable and efficient, so it can meet the needs of scientists and the low-carbon economy that will be around in a few years, as well.