World’s first circular polymers from advanced recycling of recovered plastic

Circular economy

Malaysia SABIC and Malaysia-based HHI have announced a groundbreaking new collaboration to develop the world’s first certified circular polymers from advanced recycling of recovered mixed and used ocean-bound plastic.

SABIC’s customers will use the certified circular polyolefins from ocean-bound plastic from SABIC’s TRUCIRCLE portfolio of circular solutions to announce new products in the coming months.

In addition to helping to protect our oceans and waterways, ocean-bound plastic collection adds value to local communities by increasing demand for recycled plastic throughout the industry. HHI partners, primarily in Malaysia, recover the material from ocean-feeding waterways and inland areas within a 50-kilometer radius of the ocean.

The recovered material is then delivered to HHI, where it is converted into pyrolysis oil via advanced recycling. SABIC then uses the pyrolysis oil in their manufacturing process as an alternative to traditional fossil materials to create new certified circular polymers. The material has been certified by Zero Plastic Oceans, and HHI is the first organization to receive certification confirming that the materials it recycles are ocean-bound.

HHI developed its own model to outline the steps needed to make the transition to a circular economy easier. The model consists of five stages: collecting ocean-bound plastic through its extensive network; converting it into high-quality, manufacturable materials; collaborating with partners to create new products; providing customers with a platform to advocate for the use of more sustainable materials; and catalyzing a generation of conscientious consumers who will choose sustainable materials.

SABIC’s TRUCIRCLE portfolio and services for circular innovations include circular polymers made from ocean-bound plastic. SABIC’s TRUCIRCLE portfolio, which debuted in 2019, includes mechanically recycled products, certified circular products derived from advanced recycling of used plastic, and certified renewables derived from bio-based feedstock, as well as design for recyclability and closed loop recycling initiatives.