Taoglas Waste Insights solution comesto US market

Circular economy

United States – Taoglas introduced its Taoglas Waste Insights solution for the North American market.

For the past decade, Taoglas Waste Insights has been Australia’s leading waste management solution. It’s a comprehensive, industry-leading offering for cities and businesses to gather actionable insights and successful outcomes on their way to becoming more cost-effective and sustainable.

In addition, Taoglas is establishing a Smart Waste Center of Excellence in North America to meet the growing demand for waste management efficiencies. According to estimates, approximately 22% of cities in the US and Canada have already implemented strategic programs, compared to only 7% of cities globally. The Center of Excellence will concentrate on research and development in order to expand the waste management sector’s product and solution portfolio.

The Taoglas Waste Insights solution uses real-time data analytics to optimize waste monitoring and collection processes, resulting in waste collection savings of up to 80% and CO2 emissions reductions. The Taoglas Waste Insights alerts waste collectors when waste containers are full and need to be collected by combining a variety of smart bin sensors with an intelligent waste management platform and in-vehicle navigation. It also gives waste collectors access to a user-friendly pickup route feature and predictive collection modeling, allowing them to make the most of their resources while lowering costs.