Sweden gets world’s most advanced plastic recycling facility

Circular economy

Sweden Swedish Plastic Recycling (Svensk Plastatervinning) intends to construct the world’s largest and most advanced plastic recycling complex, known as Site Zero in Motala, Sweden.

Conditions will be developed for the recycling of all plastic packaging from Swedish households, as well as the creation of circular plastic flows, with no negative climatic impact. Swedish Plastic Recycling is investing a record SEK 1 billion in Site Zero in Motala, a cutting-edge facility set to open in 2023.

In theory, thanks to cutting-edge technology, all plastic will be recyclable. Today, the plant can sort four different forms of plastic; in the future, Site Zero will be able to sort and recycle twelve different types of plastic. Packages made of composite plastic materials will be able to be separated and chemically recycled, as well as used to create new composite items.

Site Zero will be totally carbon neutral and emit no emissions. The factory runs on renewable energy, and the little quantity of plastic and other waste that cannot be recycled will be transferred for energy recovery without causing climate change. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency will also give slightly more than SEK 180 million in funding.