Salzgitter – Ørsted partnership heading for circular economy

Circular economy

Germany In the future, Salzgitter and Ørsted plan to collaborate as strategic partners.

As outlined in an Memorandum of Understanding, Salzgitter and Ørsted intend to establish closed value chains in their business relationships. The companies have defined their joint approach in the MoU. Low-carbon steel production and its use in the components of Ørsted’s offshore wind farms are included in this category, as well as the supply of renewable hydrogen. Scrap from decommissioned wind turbines could also be used in the steelmaking process.

Martin Neubert, Chief Commercial Officer and Deputy Group CEO at Ørsted, says: “A circularity partnership like the one we’re striving for will set the trend for the decarbonization of the German industry. And offshore wind power is one of the most important levers to achieve this.”

Low-carbon steel production pioneer Salzgitter is a European steel and technology company. Ørsted is an offshore wind farm developer, builder, and operator that specializes in renewable energy. Decarbonizing the industry will help Germany meet its goal of being carbon neutral by 2045, which both companies have in mind.