RHI Magnesita and Horn & Co. combine recycling activities in Europe

Circular economy

Germany/Austria – RHI Magnesita and the Horn & Co. Group are combining their recycling activities in Europe in order to increase the production, use, and offering of secondary raw material for the European refractory industry.

Horn & Co. RHIM Minerals Recovery GmbH will be the new joint venture’s name in the future. For every ton of recycled material used, refractory manufacturers like RHI Magnesita can save 1.8 tons of CO2. Horn & Co. RHIM Minerals Recovery GmbH will process over 150,000 tons of material per year at the start.

Serving customers

The strategically advantageous location of Horn & Co. RHIM Minerals Recovery GmbH’s main plants in and around Siegen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, and Mitterdorf, Styria, Austria, is a key feature. The two locations, when combined, are in an ideal location to serve customers all over Europe. RHI Magnesita and Horn & Co. Group will also assist the new company in expanding into new markets and developing new circular economy opportunities.

RHI Magnesita decided to enter into a long-term partnership with the Horn & Co. Group to shape the future of recycling and secondary raw material production by acquiring 51 percent of the Joint Venture’s shares and contributing its own recycling operations in Austria. The deal is still awaiting approval from competition authorities and regulators.