Renewable Parts boosts renewable energy’s circular economy in Scotland

Circular economy

United KingdomRenewable Parts has formally opened its new Innovation Centre in Lochgilphead, a venture aimed at increasing the availability of circular economy parts solutions in the wind industry.

Renewable Parts, which was started in Lochgilphead ten years ago, is preparing to build a new purpose-built facility in the town where it was founded. This advancement is the next step in the company’s journey to become Europe’s top supplier of refurbished parts to the wind sector, assisting customers in achieving a greener, more sustainable future.

The new center will assist customers in meeting their carbon and waste reduction targets, as well as allow the company to expand its provision of circular economy services into new markets. The Innovation Centre, which has a new research and development department, will also accelerate the supply of existing and upcoming solutions to support in-service wind turbine operations.

The new Innovation Centre will serve as a collaboration hub for Renewable Parts, allowing it to expand its R&D with a broader spectrum of businesses both within and outside of the wind industry. The objective is to establish an eco-system of like-minded organizations eager to collaborate and exchange best practices in order to achieve a more sustainable future. Zero Waste Scotland, The National Manufacturing Institute for Scotland, the Scottish Institute of Remanufacture, ORE Catapult, and the University of Strathclyde are among the partners with whom the company has previously collaborated.

Focus on net-zero energy.

The center was designed with a net-zero energy goal in mind, as well as a reduction in the need to manufacture new parts for operational wind turbines. With hundreds of components slated for repair, the chance to go green is substantial. Work with Original Equipment Manufacturers has grown fast, with two multinational companies now routinely incorporating Renewable Parts refurbishment solutions into their service offerings.

Sustainability is incorporated into every part of the new construction, including signage and furnishings made from recyclable materials and carpets made from remanufactured fishing nets. To promote wildlife and increase biodiversity surrounding the center, local greenery will be planted alongside insect hotels and beehives.