Possible new recycling alliance in Japan

Possible new recycling alliance in Japan

Circular economy

Japan Sumitomo Chemical has agreed to launch a potential commercial cooperation with Rever Holdings to further material recycling initiatives.

They plan to finish the study within a year. Environmental effect reduction is one of the material challenges for Sumitomo Chemical. As a result, the company has greatly increased its efforts to enhance material recycling and work on the development of chemical recycling technologies in conjunction with other enterprises and academic institutions.

Creating circular economy

To rapidly deploy these new technology and products, other things also need to be done, such as creating a circular economy. Manufacturing and selling products made from natural resources and recycling sectors should collaborate to form an integrated recycling system that includes the full process, including collecting, sorting, crushing, and processing to sales of recycled materials and products.

Possible plastic recycling deal

This collaborative research, Sumitomo Chemical and Rever, will look into the possibility of entering into a corporate partnership in plastic recycling, with Sumitomo Chemical’s accumulated plastic manufacturing technology and Rever’s waste processing and recycling skills. The alliance’s principal objectives include the development of advanced sorting technologies for old vehicle parts, the production of recycled polymers with many applications, and environmental effect assessment. Additionally, Sumitomo Chemical will examine applying the sorting technology to one of the chemical recycling processes that uses plastic waste as raw material.