New plastic materials from recycled polypropylene for automotive industry

Circular economy

FranceNew plastic materials made from recycled polypropylene will be developed by TotalEnergies and Plastic Omnium as part of a strategic partnership that will see them work together to meet the high aesthetic and safety standards in the automotive industry.

Plastic Omnium and TotalEnergies will work together to develop new recycled materials that are better for the environment and better for performance, while addressing the challenges posed by end-of-life plastics. Carbon dioxide emissions from using virgin materials are up to six times greater than using recycled materials containing 20% to 100% recycled materials.

The automotive industry’s carbon emissions can be reduced by using plastics in automobile bodywork. Vehicles with improved aerodynamics and lower curb weight can use less fuel, and electric vehicles can travel farther between charges thanks to these advancements.