Photo: Neste

Neste enhances renewable raw materials sourcing

Circular economy

Finland – Walco Foods, an Irish trader of animal fats, will be fully acquired by Neste, a leading producer of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel made from waste and leftover raw materials.

The fulfillment of customary closing conditions and regulatory approval are prerequisites for the transaction.

Transforming waste into fuel

Walco Foods will increase Neste’s supply of worldwide waste and residue raw materials, along with the previously announced purchases of IH Demeter, Bunge Loders Croklaan, and Count Terminal in the Netherlands, Mahoney Environmental, and Agri Trading in the United States.

Neste transforms waste, leftovers, and cutting-edge raw materials into sustainable feedstock for plastics and other materials as well as renewable fuels. This is made possible by the company’s in-house developed NEXBTL technology, a platform that enables it to transform a wide range of renewable waste, residues, and oils into high-quality fuels and other goods.