LyondellBasell and EEW explore advanced waste sorting

LyondellBasell and EEW explore advanced waste sorting

Circular economy

Germany – LyondellBasell and EEW Energy from Waste signed a letter of intent (LOI) to explore the possibility of a long-term strategic relationship to recover and recycle plastics from incinerator waste streams.

Construction of waste pre-sorting facilities at or close to EEW incineration plants to remove plastics from waste streams headed for incineration and investment in advanced sorting facilities to further sort and refine the plastic that has been removed are both possible components of this proposed collaboration.

This partnership enables LyondellBasell to advance its sorting infrastructure investments in order to produce feedstocks based on plastic waste, expand its Circular and Low Carbon Solutions business, and achieve its value creation goals.

Recycling processes

By separating out plastics for use as feedstock in mechanical and sophisticated recycling processes, this collaboration would close the loop on plastics that are currently sent for incineration. The fossil CO2 emissions linked to burning the materials are also prevented by removing them from the trash stream for incineration.

The planned collaboration will increase recycling options by utilising the resources and technical know-how of EEW and LyondellBasell to support a sustainable circular economy.