Jan De Nul inaugurates plastic waste sorting centre in Belgium

Circular economy

Belgium – The new Val’Up Plastic and Packaging Waste Sorting Centre in Mons, Belgium, has been officially opened by the Jan De Nul Group.

Val’Up, the association of inter-municipal companies Idéa and Ipalle and private companies specialized in environmental services Veolia and Vanheede, awarded consortium Jan De Nul-Vauché a €38 million Design & Build contract at the end of 2019. The center complies with the new rules for sorting plastic and packaging waste that were implemented in Belgium in January 2019.

Sorting is a prerequisite for more efficient recycling. Val’Up built a brand new sorting center in Mons to enable the recycling of even more plastic waste. The facility can process 5,000 bags of plastic and packaging waste per hour and sort 14 different types of material.


Consortium Jan De Nul-Vauché offers a total package in the form of a Design-and-Build project, which includes everything from the design and implementation of an innovative sorting installation to the entire center that surrounds it. The sorting installation was also crucial throughout the construction process: any changes to the sorting process had an impact on the building plans.